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IMRG Lisboa  est. 2017

IMRG LISBOA – Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Association of Lisbon – has been in existence for 5 years. It is a non-profit association, founded in December 2017 and officially recognized by the competent authorities on February 27, 2018.

IMRG LISBOA currently has over 120 active members, 169 registered members and a board of 7 officers.

The main objectives of IMRG Lisboa are:

•  Organizing group motorcycle trips for its members, providing visits to places of historical and cultural interest, etc.

•  Fostering camaraderie among the members, exchanging experiences and ideas

•  Events and activities aiming at promoting the Indian Motorcycle brand


IMRG Lisboa regularly organizes all of these activities for the group.

The organization of rides and various events for its members takes place on a monthly basis. Over the past 5 years, more than 45 rides have been organized, covering over 37,000 km in Portugal and other European countries.

IMRG Lisbon has also participated in events organized by European IMRGs, including those in Riom (2018), Budweis (2019) and Corsica (2022).

The Lisboa Ride 2024 Event

It’s a dream that dates back to 2019 when we first thought about organizing an event that would bring together members from other IMRGs in Lisbon.

The adverse circumstances of the past few years have led to the postponement of this plan, but the long-awaited moment has finally arrived, and we are ready to welcome European Indian riders in Lisbon in 2024. We want to unveil some wonderful itineraries and places to ride motorcycles near our capital and share the charms of our region in a lively gathering with members from other IMRGs. 

We aim to create a gathering of friends with a common passion (our Indians!), go on fantastic rides, enjoy the excellent local cuisine and good music, and ultimately make this event memorable for all participants.

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